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Koto Co-op

Like said on Manyverse website Scuttlebutt is "A social network without the bad stuff, built on the peer-to-peer SSB protocol. It's free and open source, and available for desktop and mobile."

This is a public Scuttlebutt room for Koto people and everybody else who accept the code of conduct of our organization. This rooms should be used by people who focus on activism, spreading awareness of the problems created by capitalism, and people taking actions to make the world a better place. It would be nice to make "room" for other content that software development too (there are other ssb rooms that focus on those kind of topics).

To get started install a modern client or You can checkout other clients and read about scuttlebutt here

After installing click "create new invite" and follow it to join the room.

Follow jeukkumobile for other content than tech stuff.

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